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The EGM PRO VIP account is created with the serious investor in mind, with features that are unrivalled in the industry. Get access to the power of pure ECN and superior trading conditions while receiving first class support when trading financial markets.

Benefits of PRO VIP

  • DEDICATED TRADE MENTORING: Whether you are an experienced, intermediate or new trader, this account affords you the opportunity to get mentored with 24/5 access to our most qualified market analysts.
  • ASSET SELECTION: Not sure what financial instruments or asset class to trade? The PRO VIP account comes hand in hand with a service dedicated to diagnosing your short or long term investment needs and helping you suggest the currency pair, index or commodity that would best meet your goals.
  • MARKET FORECASTING: From day trading, to swing and positioning, you can receive insightful analysis and forecasts that will help you make a bull or bear decision. So regardless of your trading methodology or target periods, you will always make informed choices.
  • MONEY MANAGEMENT: The successful trader is one adept at money management. Get support on arriving at a risk/reward ratio that will not only give short term benefits but also stand the test of time.
  • STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: Your trading can be manual, semi-automated or fully automated. Whatever option you choose, our team of experienced traders and analysts will help you on the way to building and optimizing your strategy in addition to back-testing over historical data.
  • TAILORED SEMINAR SESSIONS: Need help on a certain topic or aspect of your trading? The PRO VIP account allows you to schedule a custom seminar focused on that issue. Receive immediate support based on your convenience either at your location, online or at the EGM office.

Who It's Meant For

The PRO VIP account is meant for anyone that wants to have an edge in participating in the financial markets. This can be any of the following:

  • INSTITUTIONAL TRADERS/INVESTORS: Combining the experience from institutional trading with a platform that offers support at all the important levels, can not only help in improving your trades but also adds an extra layer of effectiveness to meeting your goals.
  • INVESTMENT FUNDS: From investment companies to hedge funds, the EGM PRO VIP account provides the best of two worlds: an impressive multi asset class and the dedication of a team that wants to see you win.
  • RETAIL TRADERS: Trading as an individual does not mean you have to do it alone. Trade with the confidence and backing of superior technical analysis while getting mentored. Get to understand the importance of having a trading journal and how to go about creating one.

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